Apply for US Visa in Qatar

Statistics, according to the US Department of state, shows that about 29.25% of the total visa applications in different categories were rejected in 2018. Perhaps, this is unconnected with the fact that the process of getting a US Visa is becoming tough with various policies and updates on different


Migrate to Canada from Qatar

Migrating to Canada from Qatar becomes easy, only if you discover the secrets behind successful Canadian immigration and permanent residency.  It is the dream of foreign immigrants all over the world. ”Why?” Because there are lots of opportunities that abound for immigrants in Canada


Canada Immigration

Migrating to Canada is fast becoming competitive globally, as a result of this, a lot of intending Immigrants have resulted in the services of agencies in Qatar intending to have a successful application. Of course, a knowledgeable and transparent Immigration consultant in Qatar


Calculate Canada Express Entry Point

In this blog today, I want to show you how to initially assess your profile for the immigration program. It is essential especially if you’re going to apply for permanent residency in Canada. There are two approaches to calculating your score in the Express entry pool. The fundamental


Why Choose Express Entry to Canada Work Permit

Many at times, I have consistently observed this confusion among immigrants who want to migrate to Canada from Qatar. I have severally explained this dichotomy to them, and here, I also want to give you the reason(s) why it is preferable to apply


IELTS Listening test; A comprehensive pathway to scoring Band-8 and above

This article will cover a comprehensive overview of the IELTS listening exam under the General training test and the proactive steps that you need to take to achieve a minimum band score of 8. A lot of my clients have harnessed this vital information.


3 easiest methods of becoming a Citizen of Malta

With a minimum investment, you can find yourself on the pathway to becoming a citizen of Malta. How? Just read these three simple steps that can make a foreigner/non-EU citizen attain citizenship in one of the fastest growing countries in the world.


Australia Immigration Update! The Introduction of New Regional Visa That Offers a Route to Permanent Residency

There have been recent changes to the Australian immigration policies. One of them is the introduction of two new regional visas which will replace existing


Australian Immigration Update: Do you know that some changes have been made since the 1st of July 2019?

Australia has made some critical changes to its immigration system. First, the number of immigrant intakes has been reduced, together with other



Accountability, one-point contact, and competency- an emblem of reliability and progressiveness in immigration practices and ethics in the UAE.


Australia PR Visa Process: Find out how you can calculate your points

Australia is among the top immigrant-friendly countries in the world. The high standard of living, economic model, and quality job opportunities have made it a surging


Will Canada Stop Immigration after 2020 ?

Many immigrants are beginning to bother about the fate of Canada immigration after 2020. This is partly due to the impact of the pandemic, and also the US travel restrictions. In this article, I will point-out you why Canada will continue immigration after 2020.


Can you Apply for Canada Immigration Without IELTS ?

Language tests remain one of the essential requirements if you must move to Canada. For some reason, applicants get high points for their work experience, occupation, and even age.


Is it good to migrate to Canada ?


Among all the Immigration programs in the world today, Canada visa remains the most sought-after among foreign workers.

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