Caribbean Region

Citizenship by Investment in the Caribbean Region

The Caribbean region consists of about 35 countries with great stable political and economic
environment. The area is mostly islands with only about two percent human inhabitation.

Several countries within this region developed solid citizenship by investment program to allow
foreign investors to be a part of the country’s economic growth. Investors are given a chance to
become a legitimate citizen of such Caribbean countries. It is a fast-rising opportunity that
various investors around the world need to explore.


Dominica citizenship by investment program

The citizenship by investment program in Dominica gives investors and foreign citizens around
the world the chance to become a permanent resident of the country by participating in their
Economic development program. Dominica is one of the most developed economies in the
Caribbean region with great cultural and sociopolitical lifestyle. The program is unto two
categories. The first requires foreign investors to make a minimum investment of $100,000 into
Dominica economic development plan. While the second option requires foreign investors to
invest a minimum of $200,000 into real estate within the country. Learn more about Dominica
citizenship by investment program.

Grenada citizenship by investment program

Another astonishing country in the Caribbean region with enticing citizenship by investment
program. Granada gives foreign investors a second passport through their commitment to the
development of the country business environment. As an investor, you have to provide a
minimum of $1,500,000 into Grenade National Transformation Fund donation (NTFD). An
excellent advantage of this program is the E-2 Visa program for investors who through their
investment have gotten a Grenada citizenship to live, work and do business in the US without
any restrictions.
Below is more information about the Grenada investment program.

ST. LUCIA citizenship by investment program

Citizenship by investment in ST. LUCIA is a business opportunity for investors and at the same
time become a citizen of this great country. You can invest as an individual or as a group
investing the least amount of $100,000 into the National Economic Fund. Another choice is to
invest $300,000 into any of the real estate projects. The application cannot be completed by
yourself; you need to apply through an approved agent by the government.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program

A&B is a nation with English as its predominant language, a member of the United Nations, and a country with lots of business opportunities for foreign investors. Through its investment program, investors can also have access to do business in other UN member countries at ease. The investment program in Antigua and Barbuda is into three categories. The first is the business investment which requires the least amount of $1.5m in establishing an individual or joint venture in the country. The second is the real estate investment with a minimum of $400,000. Lastly, the third is the National Development fund which gives foreign investors the option to partake with a minimum amount of $100,000. In all these, investors get to become a resident and after a few years will be eligible citizens of the country.

St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program

Undoubtedly the best citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean region with unique benefits that are making foreign investors troop-in daily to establish businesses in St. Kitts and Nevis. The country does not restrict investors on having a double nationality, and it provides a low tax rate for them. There are two investment categories – these are the sustainable growth fund contribution and real estate investment. Investors can apply personally or along with their dependents.

To apply for this program, you have to file your application through a certified agency because the country will only receive files from such agency.

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