Dominica citizenship – obtaining Dominica citizenship by investment

Dominica which happens to be one of the countries established in the early nineties is widely renowned for its flexible and affordable Dominica economic citizenship by investment program. The government, through the citizenship program, allows citizens of other countries to obtain a second passport which affords them its citizenship status. The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIBU) of the Dominica government is mainly in charge of the applications. To apply under this program, you must have made investment contributions in either of these two main categories:

Investing about $100000 in the Economic Diversification Fund project.

Investing in real estate property which is valued at $200000

How to apply for Dominica citizenship by investment?

One essential thing you need to note about Dominica citizenship by investment application is that you can only apply through a CBIU certified agent. You need not to bother about this as our team of experts is here to put you through the process. There are various stages involved in this application, and they include:

  • The first step is to hire an authorized agent that will handle all your citizenship application processing. The CIBU has a list of approved agents who have paid their dues and only through these agents can your application be submitted.
  • The next step will involve document filing and completion. Here you have to work with your chosen agent to provide correct details of your application and fill the necessary documents which have to be in English together with a notary approval.
  • Next is the verification stage. After your agent has applied, the CIBU will carry out a data check to ensure that all information provided is correct. An approval/rejection email will be sent to you to confirm the success of your application
  • Your agent in conjunction with CIBU will forward this application to the government for further processing. However, your agent will be responsible for any queries that might arise from your submissions, so you should ensure that he is fully informed.
  • Once the government has approved your application finally, the CIBU will direct you to make the necessary payments, and after your payments have been confirmed, you will receive a certificate to show that you have registered. It is this certificate that will stand as your proof of Dominica citizenship by investment, and you can use this to obtain your Dominica passport.

Similarly, if you have any question or clarifications as regards these details, or you want to  have a counselling session with our visa agent, kindly contact us today as we are ever glad to offer our assistance.


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