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Various countries in Europe offer foreign investors the opportunity to obtain their citizenship by having an investment in the multiple sectors of their economy.
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    Europe Citizenship by investment

    Various countries in Europe offer foreign investors the opportunity to obtain their citizenship by having an investment in the multiple sectors of their economy. Some of these European countries will be discussed below.

    Citizenship by residency program in Greece

    Greece started the citizenship by investment program in compliance with the 4251/2014 law. The purpose of this business immigration initiative is to attract foreign investors and non-EU citizens to invest in the country and in turn become eligible applicants for citizenship. Participating in the investment program in Greece has other benefits which include: Ability to travel to and do business in other Schengen countries without restrictions. Another advantage of the business immigration program is that they do not require a certain level of education to partake in the citizenship by investment program in Greece.

    Greece is a European country with a quality lifestyle, peaceful environment in the Mediterranean region, and a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The economy of the country is a fertile land for foreign investors who want to grow their business.

    As an investor, your net worth does not matter; the essential factor is that you have the minimum amount required for the investment program. You also do not have to be physically present in Greece during the duration of your investor visa.


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    Citizenship by Investment program in Bulgaria – Invest to become a Bulgarian citizen

    The Bulgarian citizenship by investment program is a business immigration initiative that is set- aside to allow foreign investors to have a share of investment in government stocks, bonds or properties. Foreign investors have to invest a minimum of €511, 292 into any of the government assets. The investment does not consider age, education and net worth.

    However, to be eligible for the investment program in Bulgaria, you must not have any criminal related activities, show proof of your active businesses or assets, and you have to provide a signed agreement with an attorney.

    What are the benefits of investing in Bulgaria?

    Foreign investors who invest in Bulgaria via the business immigration program are eligible to enjoy the following benefits:

    1. They are likely to become a citizen of Bulgaria after two years of residency
    2. They do not have to worry about a second passport as the country does not frown against this.
    3. They will enjoy low tax rates on their business
    4. They have access to travel and work in other European countries
    5. They are eligible to access financial services within the country
    6. Once they become a citizen, then, they have the full benefits, responsibilities, and rights if a Bulgarian citizen.

    Spanish citizenship by investment program – what are the benefits of having a Spanish investor Visa?

    Spanish citizenship by investment program started in 2013, and it is controlled through the Golden Visa program. It is for foreign citizens who want to invest and live permanently in Spain. Once you are eligible for the program; you will get an investor visa which is valid for five years. After the period of five years, you will qualify for permanent residency, and after ten years, apply for citizenship. Some of the eligibility requirements for the Spanish investment program includes a valid passport, proof of source of funds, and a clear record of any criminal related activities

    What are the benefits of having a Spanish investor Visa?

    Foreign investors who have a Spanish investor Visa will enjoy the benefit of traveling to other European Union countries with ease. They will also have access to bring their family members with them. Other benefits will include several investment opportunities that abound in the Spanish economy.

    Cyprus business immigration Program – Residency by investing in Cyprus

    The business immigration program in Cyprus is known as the Cyprus investor Visa program. This program enables foreign investors to become residents of Cyprus  through their investment contributions in the Cyprus economy. The minimum amount of €300,000 is required to partake in Cyprus invest Visa program.

    The Cyprus economy is a low tax economy for investors, and the economy is exceedingly growing with a high human development index. The investor Visa has a duration of two years and can be renewed afterward. There are several benefits for foreign citizens who choose to invest in the Cyprus economy. These benefits include the eligibility to live with your family in Cyprus (all dependents must be at least 25 years of age), ability to travel to other EU member countries, and investors do not need to be present in Cyprus during the duration of their Visa.

    Finally, the investment which is up to €300,000 is projected into any real estate business in Cyprus, and the money is paid directly by the investor or through an approved company. Generally, the time taken to process the application is two months.

    Residency by investment in Portugal

    The government of Portugal runs a business immigration program known as the golden visa program. The program is for investors who are willing to invest and become residents of Portugal. Portugal is a very peaceful country with lots of places for tourists to visit. The government has other business and investment initiative that is contributing massively to the growth of the economy.

    The Global Visa program is responsible for receiving applications from foreign investors who want to do business and live with their family in Portugal. The minimum amount you need to invest range from €350,000 – €500,000 in real estate properties. With this you will get a Portuguese investor Visa which is valid for two years before renewal. However, investors who reside in the country for up to five years become eligible for a permanent residency and citizenship in case of six years.

    What are the benefits of the Portuguese investor Visa?

    The Portuguese investor Visa provide s the following benefits to foreign citizens who want to do business in Portugal.

    1. It allows investors to reside in Portugal along with their relatives
    2. Makes them eligible to become a permanent resident of Portugal after five years
    3. Investors will have access to work and travel to Schengen countries
    4. Foreign investors are qualified to become a citizen of Portugal after six years of residency.
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