Apply for Maltese Citizenship by Investment Program in Qatar

Malta has its citizenship by investment program founded in 2003 under the Citizenship Act. This is a business immigration program that targets high profile investors and offers them Maltese citizenship in return for their residency and investment. The program is highly monitored to ensure that investors who have this opportunity do not have any severe medical ailment or a record of criminal activity. The program is also known as the Malta Individual Investment program (MIIP), and it is very selective in terms of investors profile and background.

Malta is a member of the Commonwealth nations with a parliamentary system of rule, and it is also a member of the Schengen states. The citizenship by investment program admits only 1800 high-class investors into the country, and once this number is attained, the program will close indefinitely.

Benefits of the Maltese citizenship by investment program

The government has provided several benefits for investors who are willing to contribute to the growth of the Maltese economy. Some of these include quality and improved environment to do business, and the access to live and work in another European country at ease. Also, investors can apply for a Maltese passport which gives them free access to over 166 countries around the world. Moreover, with the citizenship status, you can comfortably stay with your direct family without any restrictions.

What are the requirements for citizenship by investment program in Malta?

The following are the requirements for the citizenship by investment program in Malta:

  • A minimum investment of €650,000 together with a €10,000 fee for application
  • Be willing to invest in governments properties such as stocks and bonds
  • Minimum age if 18 years for investors
  • A medical certificate of fitness
  • Principal applicants have to be in Malta for five years by owning a real estate property that is worth €350,000 or rent a property that is worth €16,000 per year.
  • Investors who are applying with other dependents will need to pay €25,000 for their spouse, €55,000 for those who are above the age of fifty and €50,000 for dependents between the age of 18 – 25.

How to apply for Maltese citizenship by investment program?

DM-Consultants have specialized immigration consultants who will guide you on the process of applying for the Maltese citizenship via investment program. The program is for only limited number of applicants. Moreover, our aim at DM-Consultant is to ensure that our investors in Qatar who are willing to establish a business and residency in Malta get their application processed with a degree of efficiency and transparency. We have competent lawyers, immigration experts and an experienced operations team that will ensure that your request gets a successful outcome within the estimated period.

Do you need assistance or more information regarding any of the business immigration services? Kindly speak with our expert immigration consulting officers.


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