Turkish citizenship by investment program – Migrate and live permanently in Turkey as an investor

From the Business immigration initiative in Turkey sprouts the citizenship by investment program which is an avenue for foreign investors to invest and become a bonafide citizen of Turkey. The program offers foreign immigrants the freedom to do business and live permanently in Turkey. The Turkish economy performs better in the areas of construction, electronics, banking, food, mining, oil refining, automobiles, and machinery.

The Turkish economy has shown stability over the years, and currently, it is the 13 th largest by GDP per Capita. Approved agencies handle the application process and are responsible for submitting and filing the request to the appropriate governmental agencies.

To qualify for the Turkish citizenship by investment program, you need to fulfill the following Be requirements

  • Investors must be willing to invest in a real estate property that is at least $250,000 in worth
  • For company establishment, it requires a minimum of $500,000
  • Investors can also choose to invest an amount of $500,000 in state-owned properties for a minimum duration of three years.
  • For the company establishment, you should be willing to employ at least 50 persons in your company.

Although the real estate investment option is the popular choice for most investors, it comes with a minimum amount of $250,000 investment in Turkish based properties.

In essence, foreign investors can choose to apply in any of the following categories:

Turkish citizenship by fixed capital

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment

Turkish citizenship through the employment of about 50 employees

Turkish citizenship via investing in government properties

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