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A US investor visa is a permit that allows foreign investors in Qatar to live and invest in any of the United States properties through the US residency by investment program.
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    US Investor Visa in Qatar – The US Residency by Investment Program

    A US investor visa is a permit that allows foreign investors in Qatar to live and invest in any of the United States properties through the US residency by investment program. The investment program was established by the United States government to engage investors with great business plans to develop their businesses within the United States and invariably become a resident of the US.

    The United States is the most developed economy with a high rate of economic and socioeconomic development annually. The government however, looks to attracting foreign investors that will provide employment opportunities for residents and citizens of the US. Such investors will be liable to work, live and do business in the United States once they have a US investor Visa.

    For foreign investors in Qatar, the residency by investment program is not a direct route to getting citizenship, but it is a more straightforward process that will help investors to get their citizenship within the shortest time. The validity period for the investor Visa is two years, and to renew your visa, you must have lived in the US for a minimum of 6 months during the duration of your Visa.


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    Types of the US investor Visa

    There are several types and classes of the US investor Visa and you have to make a choice as an investor based on the type of business you want to establish within the US. The two major types are the US EB-5 investor visa and the E1 and E2 Visa program.

    EB-5 Investor Visa

    The EB-5 investor Visa is for foreign investors who want to live in the US along with their spouse and children who are below 21 years of age. The difference between the US EB-5 and the E1, E2 program is the amount of money that is required and the relative tiers such investor have with the US government.

    There are two options under the EB-5 program which are the commercial enterprise and the Regional Center. The latter requires you to makes a minimum of $500,000 investment into real estate or a profitable business within a particular region of the country. However, the commercial enterprise is an option for you to develop a new industry in a specified area of the US. The minimum investment amount here ranges from $500,000 – $1,000,000 depending on your choice of business. You, however, have to involve yourself in the operations of such business directly.

    What are the benefits of the EB-5 Visa?

    1. You do not need to have any prior education or language qualifications
    2. It is not mandatory for you to live in the region of your investment
    3. Your finding for the investment program can either be in cash or in for if valuable assets
    4. Having an investor Visa make any of your family member Under the age of 21 eligible to travel to the US


    E1 and E2 visa program

    E-1 treaty investor Visa

    E-1 treaty investor Visa is for investors who have a partnership trade with the US government. The investor must have a higher percentage in terms of trading at the international level and should be willing to employ residents of the US.

    E-2 investor visa

    E-2 investor Visa is no different from the E1; however, in the E2 Visa, foreign investors own are the major shareholders of the business.

    The process of applying for any of the US investor Visa in Qatar is as follows:

    1. Sign up for the program directly or with the help of a certified US immigration consultants
    2. Get the necessary documents ready
    3. Get your business plan signed and approved by an attorney in your country
    4. Sign up for an escrow account in the US to aid funds transfer
    5. Apply to USIS
    6. Attend the interview here in Qatar, and if successful, you can proceed to get your visa.

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