Calculate Canada Express Entry Point

Basic Factors that help to Calculate Canada Express Entry Point for Permanent residency.

In this blog today, I want to show you how to initially assess your profile for the immigration program. It is essential especially if you’re going to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

There are two approaches to calculating your score in the Express entry pool. The fundamental one is the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS is a tool that is used to estimate your Express entry profile and a score is assigned to each profile based on the factors that we shall discuss below.

However, you need to have an initial assessment to test if your profile will get a score in the CRS ranking. In this initial assessment, we will give specific points to each of these factors, but to get a good chance of scoring high in the CRS, you need to score a minimum of 67 points (total) in your initial assessment.

P:S – this is an initial assessment score which you have to determine before you register. The CRS score will be determined once your profile has been registered.

‘’Okay? ‘’ Now let’s dive in and look at these factors.

Age – Maximum attainable points = 12

It is a critical initial assessment factor for the pool. Why? It is because ages beyond 35 have lesser chances of getting the maximum age point. The point drops as you age goes beyond 35. For example, a candidate who is 35 years will score the maximum point which is 12, while one with an age of 36 will score 11. The same for 37 years who will score 10 points. As you can see the ages decreases by one as it goes above 35. On a general note, ages between (0 to 35) years will score 12 points.

Education – maximum attainable point = 25

An initial assessment will be conducted based on the level of your degree or spouse’s education where applicable. The maximum attainable point for education is 25 while the minimum you can score is 15. (PhD = 25, MSC = 23, B.Sc+ 2YRS Diploma = 22, BSC = 21, HS+3YRS DIP = 19, HS+2YRS DIP = 15).

Work Experience – maximum attainable point = 15

Your work experience plays a vital role in determining your eligibility for Canadian skilled immigration program. The maximum attainable score is 15, while the minimum score is 9. The points are grouped into classes depending on the level of work experience. (1 year WE = 9; 2-3 YRS WE = 11; 4 – 5 YRS WE = 13; 6 YRS and above = 15).


The IELTS is the generally accepted English certificate for the application of Canada Express Entry program. There are other certifications such as the CELPIP OR TEF (for French-speaking candidates). The IELTS consists of four sections, which are listening, writing, reading, and speaking. The maximum points you can get in each section is 10. The minimum score required to have is CLB – 7 (16 points), while the maximum point is CLB – 9 (21 points). A score of CLB – 8 will fetch you 20 points, while CLB – 9 will fetch you the maximum attainable score which is 24 points).

Relationship with a Canadian Resident – maximum attainable point = 5

Applicants who have a first-degree relative living in Canada will get an extra five points during the initial assessment. Such individuals have to be related by blood, i.e., parent, siblings, or spouse.


Candidates who have a spouse while applying have the advantage of getting extra points from their spouses’ level of education. If your spouse has a bachelor degree, then she is eligible to sit for IELTS. In that case, your spouse is required to score a minimum point of CLB- 4 to give your profile an additional five points.

I’ll conclude by giving you a simple case study to test your knowledge of this content.

An intending applicant has the following profile;

Candidates profile Assessment Score
Age – 29


Degree – Masters


Work experience – 4 years


Relative – No


IELTS score – CLB-8


Spouse – Yes (IELTS CLB- 4)


French – No


Total 73


Is this candidate qualified to file a profile into the Express entry pool??

The answer is yes because, with this profile, he scored beyond the minimum initial assessment point, which is 67. Such form is qualified to be registered in the Express Entry pool for permanent residency.

Here is a comprehensive information on the Canada Express Entry  program which includes the requirements, documents, eligibility, and costs.

For more questions and information about your eligibility, kindly contact our Canadians Immigration Consultants and lawyers now!



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