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Do you have plans of traveling/settling in Canada either as a temporary or permanent resident? You can’t afford to miss these Secrets of Canada Immigration Consultants in Qatar

Migrating to Canada is fast becoming competitive globally, as a result of this, a lot of intending Immigrants have resulted in the services of agencies in Qatar intending to have a successful application.

Of course, a knowledgeable and transparent Immigration consultant in Qatar should be able to represent a proper application for you as long as you meet the requirements of your specific type of Canada immigration.

However, as Immigration Consultants who have worked for over 10 years, I have been received lots of complaints lately from different individuals, about how they have leaped towards the wrong immigration consultants in Qatar.

Perhaps, this has prompted me to share this crucial information with you, on the critical criteria you need to consider before you sign up with any Canadian immigration consultants in Qatar.

Authentication and ICCRC Registration

This is the first and essential quality you need to check in any Canadian immigration consultant in Qatar. In some cases, you will get an invitation for a counseling session with the Consultants; this is an opportunity for you to explore every possible curiosity you have towards the Consultants or their agency.

Every legitimate Consultant in Qatar should be ICCRC certified or have an affiliation with ICCRC certified lawyers. The ICCRC is the regulatory body that promotes and protects the public interest by ensuring a regulated immigration and citizenship consultants and international student advisors all over the world.

I am making much emphasis on this because, recently, I had a call from a prospective applicant in Qatar. While we were discussing, I realized he was skeptical about the process. I quizzed him further to find out the reason behind his skepticism, and then, I found out he has previously had a case with a Consultant in Qatar, which went the wrong way.

From my further investigation, I discovered that the immigration agency the consultant was representing had no form of certification from the ICCRC.

So, the important question is, “how do you trust your application with someone who can vanish at any given point during the process?”

Authentication of an immigration Consultant in Qatar is very vital, even before you take a step towards analyzing your profile.

Knowledge, Transparency, and Clarity

Would you prefer to entrust your application to an agent who has less knowledge and questionable transparency about the process? The answer to this relies on your ability to decipher the depth of qualities that are displayed by Immigration Consultants or an agency.

Perhaps, I would prefer you to go for a physical consultation, rather than a mobile phone discussion. Authentication is not just enough; the Consultant should be able to display a high level of conviction that he/she understands the Canadian immigration laws and processes.

Okay, this is how you can find out;

  • Before you meet with the Consultant, try to make a little background research about the process you want to undertake.
  • Check the frequently asked questions and present them during your meeting
  • Lastly, be observant enough to detect how transparent such immigration Consultant is in explaining the steps and procedures to you.

Note: Never make the mistake of attending a profile interview without having at least a 30% knowledge about the immigration process you plan to embark.

You can also check the company websites, their services, which is similar to the one your needs, and also, scan their blogs to find any relevant information regarding your application. Remember, information is power.

Consultant’s Company Profile Rating  

Every company wants to do business online, hence, the need for a website. Here, Google can be of great assistance. Google rates each company’s profile according to the type of reviews it receives within a particular period.

Check out for the Google rating of your prospective consultant’s company after you’re convinced that he/she has displayed excellent knowledge of the process. However, you need to be careful here, so that the positive reviews won’t deceive you. Of course, some shady companies can manipulate this process to their advantage. Here is what you need to do;

  • Look out for negative reviews and try to find out why these customers have made such comments
  • Compare the number of negative reviews to that of positive reviews. A larger ratio of negative to positive rating calls for concern
  • Similarly, if you discover a lower portion of negative to a positive review, then, you can as well be confident of signing up with that Canadian immigration Consultant in Qatar.

I also want you to realize that some negative reviews come from competitors, who try to raise a false alarm with the aim of market devaluation. So, do not conclude on the negative reviews, instead, gather a lot of them, and see if there is a correlating factor between these comments.

Moreover, in terms of company profile rating, there is a big difference between testimonials, success rate, and Google rating. Do not confuse these three to be the same. For example, a company can manipulate its Google rating, but its success rate is low. We can conclude that such a company has false google rating.

Salutation, they say, does not mean love. So, watch out!

Pricing and Services do not Guarantee Quality

This is another crucial stage where most applicants get it wrong. From my experience with statistics of the success rate of immigration applications over time, I have found that there is no direct relationship between price and the quality of service. However, there is a connection between genuine consultants in Qatar and the cost of their services.

I have met some applicants with the notion that companies with lower prices are a better option since they offer the same services as their counterparts. These set of applicants, will eventually sign-up either with a fraudulent agency or pay for low-quality representation. In the latter, it might not be the fault of these companies, but your failure to critically assess the conditions of the contract, and ask questions about some clause.

In the immigration niche, prices and services cannot be engaged together; rather, each is an independent variable of the other. If a consultant offers a price that is quite different from other agencies, rather than jumping at the offer, take time to analyze the type of services you’re going to get at such price.

While some agencies offer post-landing services along with their application, some prefer to do that as a separate process. So, get to know the difference between government fees, agency fees, visa fee, and post-landing fees.

Age of the Canada Immigration Consultant’s Company and their Growth Rate

Does the age of a company have to do with the type of Canada immigration consultants it should have? Can a new company guarantee success to my application? Is there any relationship with how long a Canadian immigration Consultant in Qatar has been in the market with how well he is going to process my immigration request?

Of course, these are the questions lots of applicants ask via my company email address. I need to provide the answers, as it will guide you to choosing the right Canada immigration Consultants in Qatar.

The age of a company in the market has a lot to tell about its level of experience in handling Immigration applications especially the permanent residency.  An applicant once said;

“how do I file my application with a company that has not recorded any success rate yet, I don’t want to risk them using my profile as a trial and error.”

Sounds funny, but that’s the truth. If you will hire the services of a new company, then you must ensure that the company has a good growth expansion. Check how many branches it has, the period within which these branches were established. A good company with a good growth is an indication of a high success rate.

Therefore, a new company can guarantee success to your application, especially if such a company have previous branches on other strategic location or countries.

Moreover, such company, whether new or old, will not risk the credibility of their business by employing inexperienced or incompetent Canada immigration consultants.

Finally, there are other metrics which can help you to avoid scams or fraud carried out by Canadian immigration consultants from the underworld — processes such as testimonials, low prices, referrals, and all. However, I do not consider them as the critical factor every applicant should look out for.

Remember, you must Look before you leap! Good luck in your application for Canadian immigration from Qatar.

For further information, question, or assistance regarding these processes, do not hesitate to Contact us , as we regularly strive to give you the best counseling at no cost. You can also share this information on your various social media handles. 

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