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    Canada Visa

    Do you want to discover the fastest secret to migrate to Canada from Qatar temporarily or as a permanent resident? Read below!

    Migrating to Canada from Qatar becomes easy, only if you discover the secrets behind successful Canadian immigration and permanent residency. It is the dream of foreign immigrants all over the world. ”Why?” Because there are lots of opportunities that abound for immigrants in Canada.

    Moreover, the country encourages migration from foreign citizens and also provides an enabling environment, with equal basic rights for everyone.

    However, if you have plans to migrate to Canada from Qatar, you need to understand the 3 fastest routes, through which you can gain entry into Canada. The process is becoming competitive, and a successful application is guaranteed if you get this vital secret that I am about to show you.

    Migrate to Canada from Qatar through the Canada Visit Visa

    The use of Canada visit visa is another route through which you can migrate to Canada from Qatar and Obtain a permanent residency during your stay. Did I hear you say how? Relax, you’ll get to know soon.

    A Canadian visit visa is an official document issued to foreign Immigrants who want to travel to Canada for a short period. So, if your mission to Canada is not going to exceed 6 months, then you might consider using the Canadian visit or tourist visa. There are reasons why you would want to migrate to Canada from Qatar using a visit visa; these include tourism, business meetings, marriage engagement, Medical treatments, short studies, visit relations or children schooling in Canada, and in some cases, you tweak it slightly to get a job.

    Here is comprehensive information about Canada visit Visa. Why is Canada visit visa a fast route to migrating to Canada from Qatar? First, it gives you first-hand exposure to the Canadian environment, the cultures, the possible opportunities, and how you can harness these opportunities to your advantage.

    Secondly, some foreign immigrants migrate to Canada from Qatar, and they can secure a job as it becomes an avenue to explore the Canadian labor market. If you have the right resume, you can secure an appointment with an employer who would process your work permit. I had a recent experience with an applicant; I processed her visit visa, and with the help of my partner agency in Canada, she got a job after arriving in the country. This brings us to the answer to the first question I raised about Canadian permanent residency.

    Migrate to Canada from Qatar through the Canadian Express Entry

    The Express Entry is a perfect way to migrate to Canada from Qatar if you have working experience, education, age back up, and fluency in English or French fluency to back it up. Express Entry was introduced in 2015 to permit Skilled foreign Immigrants to work and live in Canada permanently. Oh, ‘’Did I just say Permanently?’’ Of course, that is the primary difference between the Express entry and other routes which offers a temporary residency.

    The application for the Express entry is online, and applicants are selected based on a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The system assesses your profile and ranks you out of a score of 1200 (the maximum attainable rating). However, before you apply, check the category of your occupation according to the NOC (a library that provides information about all the job categories in Canada, and assigns a specific code to each).

    The Express Entry is divided into three categories;

    • Federal Skilled Worker program
    • Federal Skilled Trade
    • Canadian Experience Class

    Migrating to Canada from Qatar through any of the Express Entry categories is very easy if you understand the process. However, I will advise you forward your application through a competent Immigration Consultancy due to the competitive nature of the Express Entry.

    The advantage of the Express entry over the others as a route to migrate to Canada from Canada is that you do not need to bother about renewing your visa. This is because you will get a permanent Visa status upon a successful application. However, the program requires you to have job experience, and this might not go down well for applicants who are fresh graduate/Artisans seeking to migrate to Canada from Qatar. Here is detailed information about the Express Entry and Permanent residency in Canada.

    Migrate to Canada from Qatar through a Canadian Work permit

    Here is another unexplored route through which you can migrate to Canada from Qatar. Unexplored probably because most immigrants have the mindset that it is challenging to get a job from outside Canada. Far from that, most Canadian employers are seeking for expertise in various Field, and if you possess the right skills, and experience, then, you’re a step closer to landing your dream job in Canada.

    A Canada work permit is a temporary visa that allows immigrants to live and work in Canada for 2 years before renewal. You cannot migrate to Canada from Qatar using a work permit without the consent or approval of your employer. There are two types of work permits;

    • First is the Employer specific work permit – this allows you to work only for a particular employer based on the conditions of the offer. To get an employer-specific work permit, you have to get an offer of employment number from your Canadian employer, which you shall include in the application.
    • The second is the open work permit – you can use this for any registered and certified Canadian employer. You can obtain this in specific situations. I will recommend you focus more on the employer specific type.

    During your application for the work permit, you’ll be required to provide your biometric information together with the necessary documents. Follow the application step by step.

    When you plan to migrate to Canada from Qatar via a work permit, ensure you are consistent, diligent, and extraordinary in your approach towards each process. Aside from this, there are specific requirements you have to meet irrespective of the type of work permit you plan to Obtain.

    I specifically tell my clients that Canada immigration is the best Immigration process in the world, specifically, because of its transparency. All you need is the right information or hire the services of an expert Immigration Consulting agency in Qatar, and you’ll surely achieve your goals of migrating to Canada from Qatar.

    There are also other routes to Migrate to Canada from Qatar. We have the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), Quebec Provincial Program, and Student Visa. However, I did not include it as a definite route because these processes are peculiar to only a class of individuals. For example, if you want to migrate using a student visa, then, you must study, and this can cost a lot. Read more about the Canada Study Visa.

    But in general, the methods above have proven to be an effective route to migrate to Canada from Qatar.

    Do you want to migrate to Canada or you need assistance with your Immigration process? Do it now before it is too late! Speak with any of our certified and efficient Canadian immigration consultants for free.