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Greece Immigration: benefits of being a Greece golden visa holder, obtain a second passport through the Greece Immigration 2019, discover how you can get a Greek resident permit for yourself and family to visit any country within the Schengen and EU zone at a minimum real estate investment of €250,000. Greece golden visa is the cheapest and easiest under the Europe Business Immigration

Greece Immigration: A brief overview of the Greece Golden visa

The Greece Golden visa program is an initiative of the Greek government to offer investors an opportunity to live, work, and obtain a Greece passport via their investment and residency. The program provides the opportunity for non-EU citizens and families to become a permanent resident of the country within a space of three months, with a real estate investment of €250,000 and above. However, this Greece immigration program is the most competitive residency scheme in Europe, and this is due to the lower amount required and the high benefits that the country offers its investors.

Golden visa in Greece allows investors to travel to any of the Schengen countries without a permit and stay for up to three months. It also provides quality insurance for investors, which implies that foreign investors can rely on their residency in Greece should the event of any unusual circumstances occur in their home country. Recently, the law has permitted permanent residency holders to apply for Greece citizenship.

Greece is no doubt an excellent place of destination in Europe, the country through Greece immigration has a lot of connections with other countries within the European Union. Moreover, it offers it’s resident a good standard of living with several medical and advanced educational facilities. The tremendous cultural diversities, climate, and its beauty of nature make it an excellent place for tourists. Therefore, your Greece Golden visa entitles you to certain benefits that are enjoyed by Greek citizens.


What are the Benefits of Having a Greece Golden Visa?

The benefits of having a Greece Golden visa are not far-fetched:

  • The program covers investors children not up to 24 years, parents, and spouse of the visa holder
  • The program has a short processing time which is not more than 3months
  • Investors are eligible to apply for EU citizenship after some years as residents
  • It provides provisions for visa-free travel to Schengen countries
  • Applicants and their families are acceptable to be permanent residents of Greece
  • Greece visa holders along with their dependents and families are free to enjoy the medical, health and economic benefits provided by the government
  • Finally, investors are eligible to obtain a Greece second passport after seven years of residency

Who are eligible for the Greece Golden Visa application?

Individual and joint investors, their direct spouse, dependents up to the age of 24, are all eligible for the golden visa application. However, principal applicants need to continually validate their permit every five years by providing the title deeds of their properties to the appropriate bodies.

Required documents for the Greece Golden visa application

  • A copy of International passport
  • Colored passport sized photographs
  • A copy of the papers that were used to sell the properties and the contract of engagement signed by the relevant parties. The sake documents should show the minimum worth of the property purchased (€250,000)
  • A copy of the certificate of transfer from the land registry
  • Application documents for resident permits which costs about €2,000 for each adult applicant
  • Applicants who are applying with their family members need to provide a marriage certificate, stamped APOSTILLE, to prove the relationship between them. Translations to all documents should be provided where necessary
  • Once these documents are ready, the applicant will attest his signature to the final sales contract, and file his application for permanent residency through an attorney.

Greece Immigration: Second passport via investment

The Greece immigration program permits investors who are permanent resident permit to apply for a Greek passport after living in the country for 7years. With the Greek passport, investors become a citizen of the country and are eligible to work, live, and enjoy every other benefit of a Greek and EU citizen. Kindly check out more information on Greece immigration program.

Application Processing and costs for the Greece Golden visa

The processing time for the Greece golden visa application takes about 3months or less in some cases. Generally, the first stage is to get an entry or Schengen visit visa to access the properties and get a suitable one for your needs.

Secondly; purchase the property and sign the necessary documents and agreements. Finally, apply for the golden visa through our lawyers and immigration visa consultants.

  • Property costs and expenses

Minimum cost of €250,000 for a single property or combined properties to make up that cost

  • Contract signing fees

Transfer of title deeds: – real estate with permits issued before 31/12/2005 will attract a 3.09% cost of the contract while properties with permits after the given date will attract VAT fees of 24.%.

Other expenses include the notary fees (about 1.5%), Lawyer’s fees (about 1.24%), and title deed registration (about 0.5%)

However, at DM-Consultants Qatar, we have a team of partner lawyers that will represent your case, and we ensure that our lawyers provide the best fees for our clients throughout the permanent residency application process. For further information about these services, kindly contact us via our email address or speak with a Greece Golden Visa expert today!

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