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The Australia skilled Immigration program in Qatar offers immigrants a wide range of options to migrate to Australia through different categories of the Australian skilled Immigration Visa
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    Migrate To Australia From Qatar: Acquire Skilled Immigration Consultancy From DM Consultants

    The Australia skilled Immigration program in Qatar offers immigrants a wide range of options to migrate to Australia through different categories of the Australian skilled Immigration Visa. DM-Consultants specialise in counseling and providing quality consultancy services for potential immigrants with an interest in applying for immigration to Australia from Qatar. The skilled Immigration program is for workers who want to work and live in Australia as a permanent resident and will enjoy all the benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia. Moreover, the Australia skilled Immigration program in Qatar can be a ticket for qualified Immigrants to get a Citizenship status in Australia.

    Australia and Canada immigration are top immigration programs that accept the highest number of foreign immigrants in the world today. Australia enjoys a buoyant economy which is among the top twenty largest economies in the world, and they generate their revenue through manufacturing, telecommunication, industrial mining, and banking. With its quality of education, good standard of living and a high GDP per capita – little wonder it is a famous destination for foreign Immigrants from different parts of the globe.

    DM-Consultants have a set of trained and MARA certified Immigration Consultants who have an in-depth knowledge of the Australian skilled Immigration program and have no restraint in ensuring that individuals who are interested in Australia immigration from Qatar get the best Consultancy services at their comfort in Qatar.


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    Skilled Immigration to Australia From Qatar: Visa Categories

    Are you interested in Australia immigration from Qatar? The following are the various Visa categories that Immigrants for the Australia skilled Immigration program can apply for, and each class has its minimum score that should be attained by skilled applicants to qualify for Permanent residency in Australia.

    Skilled Independent 189 Visa Subclass

    It is a point-based stream that is used to invite Immigrants with the required skills to live and work in Australia permanently. The time for processing the skilled Independent 189 sub-class is usually six months. Immigrants who apply under this category of Visa do not need to have a sponsor or relative in Australia.

    What Are the Benefits of the Skilled Independent 189 Visa Subclass?

    Successful Applicants for the Skilled Independent 189 Subclass Will Enjoy the Following Benefits:

    1. Live and work permanently in Australia
    2. Work and study anywhere in the country
    3. You can choose to sponsor any of your family members to Australia
    4. You have the opportunity to travel within and outside the country during the five years
    5. After five years, you can apply for Australia citizenship once eligible
    6. You have access to public health and medical facilities in Australia

    Process and Eligibility for the Independent 189 Australia Visa Subclass

    To qualify for the Skilled Independent 189 Visa class, you need to be within 18 – 45 years, and ensure that your skill is within the range of skills that is on demand in Australia at the time of your application. Once this is established, you can go ahead to begin the process.

    • The process starts with an eligibility check which will focus on your age, work experience, education, and your language proficiency.
    • You need to score at least 65 points in the point-based system from this stage to proceed to the next step of the application which is the expression of interest EOI for the desired occupation. Once you apply for the EOI, you’ll wait for two to three months during which you will get an invitation to apply for the Visa if your process is successful.
    • The final stage is to get all your relevant documents ready and ensure you apply for the Visa within 0 – 90 days from your date of invitation.

    Skilled Regional (Provisional 489) – this Visa class is also for skilled workers who want to live and work in Australia; however, it is temporary, but through the provisional visa, you can obtain the skilled Regional permanent visa (subclass 887) through which you will live permanently. The benefit of this Visa is not different from that of the 189 class – you can come along with your family to Australia with this Visa, and it is a means to apply for a permanent Visa. You can check the eligibility for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa to know more about the program.

    Other relevant classes of the Australian skilled Immigration Visa program are the Graduate temporary 485Skilled Regional 887Skilled provisional 489.

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