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Students who desire a world-class education in New Zealand which happens to be one of the best places to live needs to obtain the New Zealand Student Visa. Here you’ll have the opportunity to attain a globally recognized degree in a country with an astonishing lifestyle.


New Zealand Study Visa application in Qatar – What are the requirements and cost to apply for a New Zealand study Visa?

New Zealand is a country with lots of high-class educational institutions. International students can be permitted entry into any of these places of learning once they obtain a New Zealand study visa. Students within Qatar and other Gulf regions can process their New Zealand Study visa with the help of expert immigration consultancy services in Qatar. More international students are applying to study for a higher educational program  compared to other lower or secondary education. However, these places of higher learning are mostly colleges, universities, polytechnics, technology institutions, IT organizations, and private establishments.

Costs and Requirements for a New Zealand Student Visa

The cost and requirements for a New Zealand study visa are specific for each category of visa, and the available options depend on your age, your location of application, and your country of origin. However, on a general note, you need to provide the following documents or criteria while filing your Visa application in Qatar

  • A copy of your international passport;
  • Medical certificate showing your immunity against Tuberculosis, HIV or Hepatitis;
  • A police certificate that clears you from any fraudulent activities;
  • Provide financial documents that prove your ability to cater for the tuition fees or proof of sponsorship;
  • Provide flight documents which ships also contain your return ticket;
  • Provide details about your intended discipline in your institution;
  • Give the immigration officer convincing reasons to show that you will go back to your home country after your study;

New Zealand Visa is divided into various categories; however, you can learn more about each of these categories and several other skilled immigration programs available in Qatar.

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