Work Permit Visa

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Process Detail

  • 2 Years Job Contract (Pathway to PR – CEC after 1 year of experience)
  • IELTS – CLB 5 (We will provide training for the same through British Council Experts) Required after interview
  • Minimum Experience – 1.5 Years in similar field (All documentation checklist will be shared)
  • Minimum Education – Diploma

Process Flow:

  • Registration – We shall register you with the system and send you document checklist for the entire program
  • Job Interview – After reviewing the documents, we shall further arrange interview rounds with the employer
  • After Job Offer, LMIA Application – Once the interview is done, we shall get you the Job Offer from the employer and further apply for LMIA
  • LMIA Approval and Visa Application – Once the LMIA is approved, we shall further apply for a Work Permit

Process Timeline:

  • Interview – Within 20-60 days after Registration
  • Job Offer – Within 2-4 Weeks of Interview
  • LMIA – Within 2-4 Months from the Job Offer
  • Visa – Within 12 - 28 Weeks from the Application Submission(Depending upon country to country)

Government Charges involved, approx.:

  • Visa
  • Biometrics
  • Medicals
  • PCC
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