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Canada is the second largest country in the world based on total area, and the fourth largest country in terms of land area.
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    DM-Consultants unarguably provides the best Canadian Immigration Consultancy services for immigrants in Qatar. We are widely renowned for our team of professional visa consultants who are conversant with the various immigration programs of Canada together with our lawyers who provide constant updates on the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship policies. We have achieved success in helping a lot of Skilled Immigrants obtain permanent residency status in Canada today together with other Canadian immigration programs which are of high relevance to our diverse clients around the world.

    Canada is widely renowned for its constant demand of skilled immigrants; moreover, the provinces in Canada are looking for artisans and expats who have the required skill-set to develop their territory and become a permanent resident or citizen in return. The decision of Canada has led to an influx of a lot of individuals who are using several Canada Immigration consultancy services to migrate to one of the world’s most influential country today with lots of job and resettlement opportunities that awaits its Immigrant.


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    DM-Consultants has a team of lawyers and Canadian skilled Immigration experts who will provide you with the best Consultancy services on how you can migrate from Qatar to Canada. These services will include a free consultation to review your profile, advice you on the suitable skilled Immigration program that suits your profile and a general overview of the application process for the program that is eligible for you. A significant point to note here is that the Canada skilled Immigration service is a channel to provide a permanent residence permit to qualified candidates which gives them the access to reside, school, and work in Canada permanently.

    Therefore, if you need reliable information on how to migrate to Canada from Qatar, consult our Canadian immigration experts who will give you a fundamental breakdown of the processes and steps you need to take to foster a successful Permanent residency status in Canada.


    Canada has three Immigration programs classified under the skilled Immigration. These programs are Federal Express Entry, Quebec Skilled worker program, and the Provincial Nominee program. A common benefit that the skilled immigration share is that you can become a permanent resident of Canada through any of these programs.

    • Express entry program – this program was introduced in 2015, and the purpose of setting up this program is to increase the number of skilled workers in the Canadian labor Force. The program has three categories – The Federal skilled workers, the Skilled Federal Trade, and the Canadian Experience Class. It is an online application that grades applicants through a ranking system known as CRS which takes consideration of the applicant’s age, education, work experience, Language proficiency and their relationship with any Canadian resident. A maximum score of 1200 is attainable, and the program is jointly carried out by the Federal government of Canada, Interested Canadian employers, and the Provinces in Canada. You can check your eligibility and steps for applying for the Express Entry program.
    • Quebec Skilled Worker Program – created explicitly by the province of Quebec to select skipped applicants who have the required skills and experience to contribute towards the success of the Quebec province. It is meant for those who want to resettle permanently in the region of Quebec. The program has its guidelines and requirements, and successful applicants will become a permanent resident of Canada and after five years will be eligible to apply for Canada citizenship.
    • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – this program is similar to the Express entry. However, the difference is that the Provincial Nominee program is set aside for a specific province in Canada where each province has the independent right to select Candidate who has the qualities necessary to promote development to such territory.

    Qualities such as your education, job experience, and your skills is used as a medium for assessment. Each of these provinces constantly display jobs and trades that are needed at a particular period and Immigrants who have these required skills can apply at that particular period to increase their chances of success. Find out more about the Provincial Nominee Program of Canada.

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