A Brief Overview of Canada Economic Immigration Program

The Economic immigration programs offered by the Canadian government are designed to attract highly skilled foreign professionals to the country. Each economic immigration program operates under its own set of rules and regulations. Skilled migrants help the Canadian economy by filling gaps in the marketplace establishing new ventures, and making financial investments. Employee and employer economic immigrants are both considered to be part of the economic immigration programs in Canada.

The vast majority of immigrants have a chance to set a permanently based on their skills, qualification, and exposure to professional experience. Canada Economic immigration is one of the types of immigration and is considered as a road to permanently reside in Canada. However, before that, it is a must to successfully apply for Canadian PR. The selection of labor immigrants is entirely based on a point-based system.

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Why Canada is the Right Place for Permanent Residence and Work?

Canada is one of the best countries on the list for educational purposes, professional work, entrepreneurs, sustainability, and quality living standards. Here are a few reasons that further proves why Canada is the right place to work and live with your family.

  • Job Opportunities: Canada offers a wide range of job opportunities to skilled individuals who are highly talented and have a certain specific type of skill and experience that can benefit the economy of Canada in the best possible way. Based on your skills, experience, and qualification, you can match, qualify, and apply for different relevant jobs in Canada.  
  • Free of Cost Healthcare: One of the best advantages of migration to Canada is the free healthcare system that allows the residents and migrants to avail basic healthcare facilities without any cost.
  • High Education System: Canada is among the handful of countries that offers high-quality education. More than any other country in the world, the Canadian government spends the most per capita income to continuously enhance the education system in the country.
  • Low Unemployment Rate: As a result of a good economic system, the unemployment rate is low in Canada. Plus, the basic wages are above ordinary. On the other hand, the banking system in Canada is stronger and more stable than many other well-developed countries in the world.
  • Dual Citizenship: Canada is one of the countries on the list that allows enjoying dual citizenship and free-visa travel to the country.

If you are willing to apply for Canadian immigration, reach out to DM Consultants in Qatar to help you out with complete knowledge of the process while providing you with end-to-end solutions for a successful Canadian migration. You can easily schedule a free consultation session with one of our experts in order to get the answers to all of your questions and queries.

Choose Your Ideal Canada Economic Immigration Program from Qatar

Are you keen to take a step ahead in your professional career? Choose one of the ideal Canada economic immigration programs that fit well with your qualification, skills, and professional experience in a specific field of study.


The Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP) is an immigration program designed to attract skilled workers from outside of Canada. One of the primary goals behind the program is to increase the population and address the labor shortage in the Atlantic province.


The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program is aimed at attracting talented professionals to the rural and northern communities in Canada. This program will help address the needs of these communities for skilled labor and help them grow economically.


Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative is a part of Manitoba’s PNP program and is designed to attract skilled laborers to the city of Morden in Manitoba due to an increase in demand for skilled individuals.

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Eligibility Criteria for Canadian PR Under Canada Economic Immigration Program

To qualify for an economic immigration program, applicants must meet certain requirements. As a registered ICCRC immigration agent, we here at DM Immigration can help you through the application process to finally acquire Canadian PR. Here are a few basic requirements that must be considered when applying for Canadian PR under economic immigration programs;

  • An applicant must have continuous 1-year full-time experience in the relevant field of his/her studies.
  • The professional work experience of an applicant must be categorized in one of the following skill types/levels:
    • Skill Type 0 (Managerial occupations)
    • Skill Level A (Professional occupations)
    • Skill Level B (Technical occupations and Skilled traders)
  • Applicant must secure a minimum of 67 points under the skilled worker point grid. This point grid is composed of the following 6 basic factors with a total of 100 points:
    • Expertise in the English Language
    • Level of education
    • Professional work experience
    • Age
    • Arranged employment/Job offers
    • Sponsors in Canada
  • Applicant must go through a language test as per the requirements of the official immigration authorities
  • Prove enough financial funding for stability in the country
  • A security background clearance certificate
  • A basic medical examination from authorized and registered doctors from the Canadian embassy.
  • The applicant must be 18+ to apply for any of the economic immigration programs

Why Choose DM Consultant Qatar as your Canadian Migration Consultant?

DM Consultant in Qatar is providing professional immigration consultation services for more than a decade. Based on our expertise and experience, we can help you out in taking your professional career to another level by successful migration to Canada. Here are a few reasons why you should consider DM Consultants in Qatar for your immigration facilities;

  • Selecting the Best Option: Based on our expertise and years of experience, we can give you the best and the most suitable advice as per your current situation. This will guide you in the right direction in order to make the best decision for the selection of a visa.
  • Right Presentation: When applying for Canadian immigration, the application is the most basic yet important and serious part of the process. To avoid the reapplication process, it is a must to take immigration consultancy from our experts. We can help you file the application with all the requirements and the right presentation.
  • Easy Process: A consultation through an expert will make your end-to-end process easier and hassle-free. Instead of wasting your time, money, and effort, reach out to DM Consultant in Qatar and make a successful migration to Canada.
  • Customized Services: Each category of visa demands a different set of requirements. DM Consultants deals with your migration case with the required customization throughout the process ensuring 100% success of your application.
  • Rules and Regulations: Rules, regulations, and immigration laws can change as per the will of the official authorities. Our expert immigration consultants in Canada are well-aware of the changes and can guide you to follow the updated guidelines as per the immigration laws.
  • Free IELTS Training: Since we are official partners of the British Council, we can help you with free IELTS training sessions with experts so that you can pass the English language proficiency test with the required points.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Economic Immigration Programs

The only age restriction is that you must be 18 years of age. However, in most of the economic immigration programs, the ideal age bracket is (25–35) in order to earn high points. Furthermore, there are other factors as well such as professional experience, level of qualification, and skill level that can impact the overall score. Contact DM Consultants in Qatar today and find all the information you need via expert Canadian consultants.
Yes, the job offer is mandatory to apply for any Canada economic immigration program. However, there are many other categories of Canadian immigration visas that don’t require any job offers from Canadian employers. If you wish to know what type of visa suits you the best, contact DM Consultants today..!!
If you are not a native English speaker then it is necessary to undergo IELTS and get the required score in order to proceed with your application. DM Consultation helps you get free IELTS training sessions with professional trainers. We don’t charge any additional fee for IELTS training. If you wish to book a free immigration consultation session for Canada, feel free to reach out to DM Consultant any time.
If you are a highly qualified, skilled, and professionally experienced individual in a particular field of study, you can easily qualify for a Canada skilled immigration program. If you are willing to Canadian migration based on your current qualification, experience, and skills, book a free DM Consultant session. Our team of expert consultants will inform you of all the legalities and guide you to further steps.
Since each category of visa has its own cost and various requirements, the cost may vary for each case. We are the best Canadian migration consultants that can guide you in the right direction so that you can easily get your dream job in Canada.

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