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If you are planning Canadian immigration through the Atlantic immigration program, you should connect with certified and registered DM Consultants in Qatar.  Canada Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) was introduced by the Canadian government to provide a pathway to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers in the Atlantic province. The Atlantic province government chooses the applicants based on the economic requirements of the province. Employers who have been unable to find competent local candidates to fill open positions, get assistance through this program. As a professional Canadian immigration consultancy in Qatar, we seek to help recent international graduates and working professionals obtain Canadian PR through the AIP Program. To know more in detail, get in touch with our immigration experts today!

Overview of Atlantic Immigration Program Canada

Since it was first implemented in 2017, the Atlantic Immigration Program in Canada has made significant progress, and it has emerged as a potentially beneficial alternative for those who are considering immigrating to Canada. As part of the Atlantic Immigration program, talented individuals may be eligible for nomination and a streamlined path through the immigration process for different Canadian Atlantic provinces (Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick).

The Atlantic Immigration Program enables immigrant candidates who have employment offers to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Because of the tremendous success of the AIP, the program was made into an ongoing one from the beginning of 2022. Since the program’s commencement have seen an increase in their capacity to meet the immigration quotas established by the AIP, and they currently accept around 6,000 newcomers annually.

You can easily apply for one of the Atlantic Provinces if you successfully meet the eligibility criteria,

  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

Select Your Canada AIP Programs

Atlantic High-Skilled Program

This stream under the AIPP program is designed to allow some of the most highly skilled workers from other countries to come and work in Canada. The main goal of this program is to fill gaps in labor markets and increase productivity, innovation, and competitiveness.

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

This stream under the AIPP permits foreign nationals with a valid job offer in the Atlantic province to apply for Canadian PR. To be eligible under the program the applicant will need to fulfill a number of eligibility requirements.

Atlantic International Graduate Program

This stream of the AIPP program permits international graduates to obtain Canadian permanent residence without obtaining work experience. The destination provinces featured under this stream include Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland.

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What are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for the AIP Program?

There are a number of eligibility factors that applicants must fulfill in order to register a successful application under the AIP. Some of the key requirements are listed below

  • Should have relevant work experience (not required under the international graduate program)
  • Should meet the educational requirements
  • Must have a valid IELTS score
  • Must be able to produce proof of funds showing that he/she can financially support themselves during their time in the country
  • The applicant must have zero criminal records

If you want the status of your eligibility to apply for this specific or other immigration programs, feel free to contact DM Consultants in Qatar

How to Apply for Atlantic Immigration Program from Qatar?

The Atlantic Immigration Program is a program that is sponsored by employers to hire foreigners for a specific job post. Every primary candidate who wishes to immigrate to Canada under this program is required to have both a written customized settlement plan for themselves and their families as well as a work offer from a selected Canadian employer.

Once the candidate has shown interest in the position and accepted it, the employer will engage the candidate in touch with a designated settlement service provider organization for the purpose of conducting a needs assessment and developing a settlement plan. The applicant will also get help for their family through their employer so that after they arrive in Canada, they can realize the objectives of their settlement plan.

Here are three steps to follow when applying for the Atlantic immigration program;

Employer’s Designation

The employer should have a good and positive record in performance so that Atlantic province can designate them. Plus, the employer should have active business operations in one of the Atlantic’s Provinces.

Employer Position Endorsement

The employer needs to prove that there is no Canadian citizen available for the specific job post before hiring any skilled foreigner. The employer should also provide a job offer letter duly signed by the applicant while providing a settlement plan at the same time.

Apply for a Canada PR

The candidate needs to fill out the Canadian PR form and send the same to IRCC along with all the documents and certificates. The IRCC will take a maximum of 6 months to process your PR application.

Documents Required to Apply for Canada AIP from Qatar

For each category of immigration, there are different requirements for documents. If you want to get permanent residence in Canada via Atlantic immigration programs, you must manage to arrange the following documents to significantly apply for this program.

  • Letter of Interest: Applicants must compose and submit a letter of interest which should include the reason for interest in the program, the skills they have, and how they are going to showcase those skills in the required way of the job post.
  • Recent Resume: Qualified applicants must submit their most recent resume that shows their qualifications, work experience in the relevant field, and total years of experience in the professional market, along with all the significant certifications and other accomplishments.
  • Expertise in Language: Applicants must show the IELTS certificate with the required score to qualify for the application.
  • Funds Proof: Applicants must show proof of enough funds to financially support themselves and their families in Canada.
  • Health Certificate: It is necessary to show your valid health clearance certificate.
  • Valid National Passport: An applicant must hold a valid national passport when applying for an AIP Canada.

Why Choose DM Consultants in Qatar for AIP Canada Immigration?

With years of experience as ICCRC-registered immigration consultants in Qatar, we help applicants to apply successfully with a 100% success rate. Since immigration is a complicated and long process, it requires detailed information and knowledge of each and every step. Make sure you get our assistance to meet the requirements at every step. Here are a few reasons why you should select our certified immigration consultants for the Atlantic immigration program.

  • Free IELTS Training: Since we are official partners with British Council, we offer IELTS training sessions through professional trainers without any additional charges. Our clients can enjoy plenty of similar benefits with DM Consultants in Qatar.
  • Documentations: DM Consultants can assist you to manage all the required documents in the right manner along with the application so it doesn’t get rejected on these basic requirements. We can further assist you with Education Certificate Assessment via the authorized and official body.
  • Job Assistance: We don’t promise, but we always help our clients to find the best and the most relevant job offers from Canadian employers. This will help you to get the job offer in the minimum time possible.
  • Interview: DM Consultants can assist you to prepare well for the interview. Since the interview plays a vital role in your selection, we help you prepare through mock interview sessions with our expert immigration consultants so that you can grow your confidence and can answer in the best way possible.
  • PR Application: Our immigration consultants can guide you to file the PR application using the right pathway in order to get significant results.

If you have finally decided a migration to Canada via Atlantic immigration programs, reach out to us and get your customized immigration solution via expert DM Consultants in Qatar.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Atlantic Immigration Program

In order to immigrate to Canada from Qatar via the Atlantic immigration program, an applicant must score a minimum of 4.5 to qualify for this program. DM Consultants in Qatar is providing IELTS training to its clients without charging any kind of hidden or extra fee. If you want to enjoy plenty of similar benefits, get started with us for successful Canadian immigration.
There are four provinces that participate in Atlantic immigration programs;  New Brunswick  Newfoundland and Labrador  Nova Scotia  Prince Edward Island
Here are a few basic factors that show your eligibility for this program; Should have relevant work experience (not required under the international graduate program)  Should meet the educational requirements  Must have a valid IELTS score  Must be able to produce proof of funds showing that he/she can financially support themselves during their time in the country  The applicant must have zero criminal records To know more about your eligibility for any of the immigration programs for Canada from Qatar, feel free to contact us and get complete information about the program.
Following are some of the basic factors that are necessary to successfully apply for the Atlantic immigration program; An applicant must have a valid job offer from a registered and designated Canadian employee  Applicants should be proficient in the English language and should show the IELTS certificate to qualify for this immigration program  Applicants must have a relevant qualifications to meet the requirements. To know more about the requirements and the procedure, feel free to contact our expert immigration consultants anytime.
Since the process of Canadian immigration is complex and full of requirements, there are plenty of chances that you might skip any basic requirement and get your application rejected. This is why it is good to get started with ICCRC-registered immigration consultants to save time and money at the same time. Connect with DM Consultants in Qatar to get started with the Canada immigration process.

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