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The UK visit visa is set aside for foreign immigrants who want to migrate to the UK for short term travel purposes.
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    The UK visit visa is set aside for foreign immigrants who want to migrate to the UK for short term travel purposes. Therefore, this visa application is only suitable for those immigrants who wish to travel for business, tourist, or for a short-term study program in the country. The United Kingdom is a great place for tourist to visit; it is economically advanced with lots of cultural diversities, quality education, and excellent living standards. Our aim at DM-Consultant is to guide our clients in Qatar through the US visit visa application and to ensure that you obtain the relevant documents that will secure the success of your application. Our UK immigration consultants will counsel you on the right choice of visit visa to apply for, and this will depend on your purpose of travel to the UK.


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    Types of UK visit visa

    Your choice of application for the various UK visa types will depend on your purpose of visiting the country. However, this UK immigration program has multiple categories through which foreign immigrants can apply to visit the UK. Below is a highlight of the several types of UK visit visa:

    Standard visitor visa

    This type of visa is for immigrants who plan to visit the UK for various business programs, medical treatments or for relaxation and recreation. The validity period is just six months, and you cannot work or study with this type of visa.

    Short-term study visa

    The visa is for individuals who want to embark on short-term study programs in the UK. The validity period ranges from six to eleven months, and you cannot use this Visa to work or do business.

    Transit Visa

    It is a very short-term visa for foreign citizens who are migrating to other countries but will need to go through the UK during their trip. The validity is just for 48 hours.

    Permitted paid engagement visa

    It is a permit Visa for expats whose services are need by companies within the UK. You’ll need to apply for this Visa by providing a letter of invitation from the company. The permit is valid for a month.

    Marriage visitor visa

    Foreign immigrants who want to have their wedding ceremonies in the UK can apply for this type of visa. The marriage can either be between a UK citizen or a noncitizen. The permit is valid up to six months and cannot be used to study, work or do business.

    Parent of a Tier 4 child visa

    Parents who want to visit their children who are studying in any of the institutions in the UK can apply for this category of visa. The validity period is between six to twelve months, and it cannot be used for other purposes.

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