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The Polish government has made it easy for foreigners to come and work in Poland. As one of the top immigration consultants in Qatar, we here at DM Immigration Qatar can help you obtain a work permit from Poland. Send us an inquiry today!

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    Choose Your Poland Work Permit Program

    Type A

    Type A permits are typically issued for foreigners who have been offered employment by an employer in Poland, or for foreigners transferring from another employer operating within the territory of Poland.

    Type B

    The type B permit is issued for those who will be working in Poland temporarily as a part of the company’s board or management team.

    Type C

    This type of work permit is issued to foreign workers who are working in an establishment owned by non-Polish entity but has to remain in the country for more than 30 days for his/her work.

    Type D

    This type of work permit is issued to foreign nationals who wish to visit the country to perform a service that is temporary or casual.

    Type E

    This type of work permit is issued only on those occasions where the applicant cannot be categorized under work permits A-D.


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    Why Choose to Migrate to Poland as a Skilled Worker

    Migrating to Poland as a skilled worker is a great way to find work in Europe. The Polish economy is growing rapidly and there are many companies that are looking for skilled workers. The language barrier does not exist, as Poles speak English fluently. The cost of living is lower than in other European countries, so you will be able to save more money than you would have at home. Furthermore, the Polish government offers low-interest loans for those who want to buy property or start their own business. Listed are a few more reasons why Poland is a good destination for skilled workers:

    • Poland is one of the fastest-growing economies in the EU.
    • Lower cost of living than many other Western European Countries
    • High Quality Life
    • Excellent Education System

    Eligibility Criterions for Poland Work Permit

    For the people who are interested in working in Poland, there are some eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled before applying for a work permit. The following are the Eligibility Criterions for Poland Work Permit:

    • The applicant should have a valid passport and a residence card.
    • The person should not have any criminal record.
    • The applicant should not have any debts to Polish public administration or private entities.
    • The applicant should be able to prove that they can support themselves financially during their stay in Poland.

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