Why Choose Express Entry to Canada Work Permit

Find Out Why You Must Choose Express Entry to Canada Work Visa!

Many at times, I have consistently observed this confusion among immigrants who want to migrate to Canada from Qatar. I have severally explained this dichotomy to them, and here, I also want to give you the reason(s) why it is preferable to apply for the Express Entry instead of the Canadian working visa.

You have the skills, experience, and probably the degree. However, a popular word you’ll hear from most immigration consultants in Doha  is that they don’t process the Canada work visa. Don’t you think if the working visa were that easy, most of these agencies would have ventured into this business?

Anyway, this is not to negate the fact that thousands of immigrants still get the permit to work in Canada. Join me as we dig deep into these reasons:

Temporary Against Permanent Residency

Oh yes, the first question I would love to ask you is; Do you wish to become a permanent resident of Canada while working? Of course, the answer in your heart right now is a yes.

Permanent residency means that you are now eligible to stay in the country permanently without having to secure a visa whenever you want to enter Canada. Aside from that, there are lots of benefits that permanent resident workers get.

Permanent Residents get Free medical care, ability to bring their family to the country, a monthly stipend for their kids below 18, eligibility for citizenship after five years, and lots more. Whereas, the working visa is only valid for two years, you either renew the contract or exit the country. Moreover, as a temporary resident, you have no access to the benefits enjoyed by those who have a permanent visa.

Similarly, if you have the intention of applying for the permanent visa while you are working in the country, then you are wrong. According to the Immigration and Citizenship Act of Canada, foreign immigrants can only apply for permanent residency outside the country. So, ”which is better here?” Be the judge yourself.

Preference in the Job Bank:

The job bank is the official site where the Canadian ministry of labor uploads available positions as they receive them from Canadian employers. In the job banks, aspiring immigrants can get a job, no doubt; however, those who have successfully gotten an invitation to apply for permanent residency have higher preference.

Why? Simple. These employers know that they wouldn’t need to go through the rigorous process of documentation and validation to hire a worker living outside Canada.

Aside from that, they understand that your skills/expertise have been successfully assessed and certified by Canadian immigration.

Moreover, each job has a specified position. An Individual whom Canada has affirmed her work experience stand a chance to get the job compared to a random job applicant outside Canada. So the big question is, why wouldn’t you prefer to apply for express entry, which, upon a successful application, you stand a chance to get a job quickly?

Who has the ability to sponsor others to become a permanent resident in Canada? A temporary worker or a permanent worker?

I want to split this point into two. An immigrant who successfully applies through the Express Entry program is already eligible to act as a sponsor for his or her relatives to come to Canada. As a work permit holder, you cannot try this “when your stay itself is not solid.”

The only time a temporary worker gets the opportunity to do this is if he owns an investment in Canada, or is a certified Canadian employer.

Secondly, if you successfully apply for the skilled Immigration program, you can work with any registered employer in Canada. I prefer to mention this here, not in the previous point because it is case specific. It is possible because:

However, for you to apply for a work permit, you need to choose between an open work permit or employer-specific work permit. In most cases, the latter applies.  Employer-specific work permit implies that you cannot leave such company until your contract expires. Abhorring might lead to your deportation. So, whichever the situation, you have to remain in the firm until after two years when the contract expires.

Documentation and Processing

Each category of immigration has its own requirements and processing time. Generally, the processing time for each of them takes between 6 to 9 months. For example, to process a work visa from Qatar takes about 23 weeks (processing alone), while express entry takes about 32 to 40 weeks.

Regarding documentation, here is where the working visa has a demerit. Before you can apply for a working visa, you must ensure that you have employment with a Canadian-based company. While processing your permit, the employer has to get a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  It can take several weeks for your LMIA to be approved.

The Canadian labor force has to check the role before they can issue an LMIA. They will ensure that there is no available Canadian to fill such positions. If there is, then, it can hamper the success of your LMIA. In some cases though, work permit applicants require an offer of employment number from their employer. Perhaps, it is a tedious and uncertain process because there are chances the LMIA will get rejected.

As for the Express Entry, you do not need employment number or LMIA to apply. You can continue with your current job role, while you process the permanent residency in Canada. While both processes involve biometric registration, Express Entry requires documents such as your CV, degree certificates, Educational assessment result, proof of working experience, bank statements, police reports, and other minor documentation. Therefore, to get a work permit outside Canada, the responsibility lies on the employer. Except you have proven to be exceptionally outstanding, most employers would not prefer to go through the process of these documentations. Instead, they’ll employ via the Canadian Express Entry pool.

 Surely it would be best if you read more on how to migrate to Canada from Qatar. However, the reason(s) above will clarify your curiosity as regards to the best between these two Immigration programs. Your choice, then, depends on your level of preparation.

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