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    Will Canada Stop Immigration after 2020?

    Many immigrants are beginning to bother about the fate of Canada immigration after 2020. This is partly due to the impact of the pandemic, and also the US travel restrictions. In this article, I will point-out you why Canada will continue immigration after 2020.

    Despite the economic crisis due to lockdowns, Canada has no plans to stop immigration after 2020. Recently, the IRCC and Canadian government released its restructured immigration plan for the next three years. According to the plan, over 1 million immigrants are expected between 2020 – 2022.

    Is there a reason to be apprehensive about this? Of course, NO!

    Read on to discover more reasons why immigration will continue.

    Immigration is More important to Canada than You Think

    Whether immigration will stop or not in 2020 depends on how important immigrants are to the Canadian economy.
    While this may sound a bit tricky, it is still crucial to consider when looking at the future impact.

    Immigration is vital to Canada because of the role immigrants play, especially in the health sector and the labor force. As the birth rate and baby boomer generation continue to decrease, immigrants are becoming increasingly important to Canada.

    Although the demand for immigrants might continue in the coming years, newcomers may face some challenges in getting a job in their desired jobs.

    You can attribute this to the current economic contraction that the world is going through.

    Why Does Canada Need Immigrants?

    Below are more reasons why Canada requires immigrants:

    • It is estimated that 25% of Canada’s total population will be 60 years by 2040
    • According to recent studies, about 13.4 million people will retire in the next 20 years while only about 11.8 million graduates will be available to work
    • The more immigrants Canada has, the lesser the health cost and workers will be able to contribute more
    • Economists say that there needs to be a growth in the workforce, wherein more people will be integrated into the labor force, to avoid skill shortages
    • To sustain foreign investments in the country, they need to make hiring easy for investors

    Moving Forward

    Now that the air is clear about Canada’s plan towards immigration go-ahead to begin your process. And most importantly, do not forget to “check your eligibility for the Federal Express Entry programs. Good luck!