US Tourist Visa – Everything You Need to Know

A US tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows individuals to enter the United States for a limited period. The purpose of the visit can be tourism or business visit, or a combination of both. This short-term visa is suitable for individuals looking forward to a short trip to the United States.

Eligibility Criteria of US Tourist Visa

The following are required to be eligible for US tourist visa:

  • Proof of Travel:
  • If you are travelling for tourism, you must display a valid ticket or travel itinerary.
  • If it is a visit to a friend or family, you must have an invitation letter.
  • If you are going to the US for medical reasons, you must provide the necessary medical documents.
  • If you travel for business, you must show business invitations and proof of foreign citizenship. You must also show the interviewer/immigration officer that you intend to leave the country after the visit. During this time, you are not allowed to work, study or do any paid performances in the US.
  • Proof of enough funds to stay in US
  • You should have a residence in your home country

Step-By-Step Guide to For US Tourist Visa in Qatar

Following are the steps one need to follow to get US tourist visa in Qatar.

  • Step 1 – Complete Application: You must complete the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application by filling out the DS-160 Form.
  • Step 2 – Pay Fees: You need to pay the visa application fee, which is about USD 160 (which may vary). You can pay the equivalent fee amount in Qatari Riyal. Remember that the exchange rates can vary based on the changing market price.
  • Step 3 – Book Appointment: You must schedule an appointment online or by calling customer service at Embassy. Keep the following information with you while booking an appointment:
    • Passport Number
    • DS-160 number (it is a ten-digit barcode number)
    • Receipt number from your fee payment
  • Step 4 – Visit Embassy: Now wait for the appointment day and visit the US Embassy in Doha when it comes. Try to be there 30 minutes earlier than the appointment time. You will need to carry the following documents with you when visiting Embassy.
    • Appointment Letter
    • DS-160 Confirmation Page
    • One Recent Photograph (must be the same as the one on DS-160)
    • Current and Old Passport
    • Qatar Residence ID / Iqama
    • Supporting Documents
  • Step 5 – Appear in Interview: The Counsel Officer will interview at the Embassy. At this point, they might ask you to show the supporting documents. So keep everything ready with easy access. After your interview, you will get the results of the application. If approved, you will get a date to pick up your visa. Do not forget this date.
  • Step 6 – Claim Documents:  On the given date, go to Embassy again and claim your passport with your US Visa stamped.

Documents Required for US Tourist Visa

There are no specific or additional documents that you should take to the Embassy on the interview day. The officer can ask for any document based on your answers and the circumstances. So we can say that the demand may change from case to case. Sometimes there is no question or demand for the documents at all. But it is still better to appear ready:

Proof of Financial Stability
  • Bank Statements/Certificate
  • Business Registration
  • Pay slips and Certificate of Employment
  • Tax Returns
  • Property Ownership
  • If you are sponsored you will need to show their financial documents
Travel itinerary
  • Itinerary
  • Flight Reservations
  • Hotel Bookings for the time you will stay in the US
No Objection Letter
  • You will need to get this letter from your employer with basic details like Salary, your Position in Company and Company details.
Qatar Residence Permit / Iqama
For students
  • If you are a student, you will need to show school documents or certificate
If you visit a friend or relative
  • You will need a copy of their US Passport, Green Card, or Resident Permit. You also need proof of your relationship with that person.

Interview Tips for US Tourist Visa Application

First of all, remember that the interview is a general discussion between you and the interviewer. The key to success is to stick to the point and provide him with answers to what they asked only. The interview is brief so try to make the most of it. Here are some tips that can help you rock the interview.

Proper Dressing: Look what you are claiming to be on the paper. Suppose you are a businessman going to the US for business purposes, dress like one. If you are a student or tourist and going for leisure time, wear something accordingly. But in any case, avoid shorts, and sleeveless pajamas, as these will not be allowed at the Embassy Premises.

Stay Positive and Confident: Your interview starts when you enter the embassy premises. Try to stay calm, positive and confident. Keep a smile on your face and move confidently. You can practice it in the mirror before the interview. Remembering good moments in your life can also help you stay in a good mood.

Stay polite: Be respectful and polite to the interview. Avoid any sort of argument. If you cannot understand the question, simply request them to repeat it.

Stay precise: As said already, lesser talk means lesser mistakes. Never overshare, and try to stick to the point. For instance, if the interviewer asks you about the purpose of visiting the US, you can simply say sightseeing. No need to elaborate that you are going sightseeing with your boyfriend, girlfriend, an old mate, etc. They will ask you more questions about the other person, and chances are higher that you will screw the entire interview. Avoid mentioning anything that may call for documented proof, and you don’t have it.

Stay Honest: Never try to lie or manipulate the information. Interviewers are trained to detect lies. So try to stay honest from filling out the DS-160 Form until you are in the immigration clearance line at the US airport. Make sure all the information you give on the Form matches what you say in the interview; otherwise, you are doomed.

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