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The Canadian business Immigration program is an investment scheme that is set aside to offer investors in Qatar.
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    Canada Business Immigration program in Qatar – Invest to obtain a Canadian citizenship

    The Canadian business Immigration program is an investment scheme that is set aside to offer investors in Qatar the option to obtain Canadian citizenship by contributing their quota to the growth of Canada workforce. Investors can achieve this by developing businesses and start- ups that will create jobs for the residents and citizens of Canada and also make profits from their company.

    Canada is undoubtedly a globally recognized economy which has lots of fertile land for business immigrants to pitch their tents. The country has a quality standard of living together with a robust infrastructure and a diverse economy that supports business growths and start-ups.

    Investors in Qatar can, therefore, become Canadian citizens through the investor Visa which grants makes them eligible to set up a company in Canada via Business Immigration program.

    How to obtain Canadian Citizenship by Investment

    If you want to become a citizen of Canada through the investment program, the first thing to do is to apply for the Investor Visa. Canada has made available two options for Business investors. These are the start-up Visa program and the Provincial Nominee program.


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    Start-up Visa Program

    The start-up program is designed for foreign investors that are willing to contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy. Such investors can obtain their Visa through this program. However, to get the investor Visa, you need to fulfill the program requirements. The benefit of this program is that you can have a temporary Visa while the process for obtaining an investor Visa is ongoing. Some of the necessities you need to take into consideration are:

    1. the minimum amount that you’ll be needing to start-up a business.
    2. A proof of your proficiency in English (CLB 5 minimum in English or French)
    3. Have one or two sponsors that will Invest in your business
    4. Provide proof of financial sustainability during your stay in Canada

    Provincial Nominee program for Investors

    Each Province in Canada has its PNP program for Investors who are willing to invest their resources and skills in developing that region. The particular requirements to get an investor Visa through depends on the provinces that you choose to invest.

    It is an excellent opportunity for Business immigrants in Qatar to live with their families permanently in Canada either as a permanent resident or as a Canadian citizen. Provinces that you can choose to grow your business include Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Northwestern Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

    Here at DM-Consultants, we aim to help investors in Qatar to pitch their tent in Canada through quality and reliable Business Immigration consulting services. Therefore, our Consultant experts are available to help you with the process and advice you on the appropriate territory that is suitable for you depending on the type of business you want to establish.

    Also, all legal issues on your application will be addressed by our Canadian lawyers. Kindly speak with our Consultants today to know more about the Business Immigration program.

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