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Foreign and local investors in Qatar who are looking to expand their businesses to the UK can use the opportunity of the citizenship by investment program.
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    UK Citizenship by Investment in Qatar – How to become a citizen of the UK by applying for your Investor Visa

    Foreign and local investors in Qatar who are looking to expand their businesses to the UK can use the opportunity of the citizenship by investment program to do business and as well, become a citizen of the UK. This is a business Immigration initiative of the United Kingdom to attract foreign investors to their economy and in turn, offer them an enabling environment to grow their ideas.

    Investors who are willing to take this advantage need to apply for the UK Investor Visa which gives them the permit to travel and establish their business in the UK. However, the option to apply for an investor Visa comes in several categories, and it is vital for you to understand the one that is relevant to your investment. This is because – higher stakes require a short processing time for your application and is a faster way to obtain your citizenship.

    Benefit of the UK investment program

    There are several benefits that are attached to becoming an investor in the UK. Some of which include your ability to become a citizen of the UK after some years. It also offers you a free access to medical and health care programs together with the opportunity to travel to neighboring countries such as the US without restriction.


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    How to Obtain a UK Investor Visa in Qatar

    Investors in Qatar can obtain their UK investors visa either directly or through the use of competent Immigration Consultancy services. However, whichever option you choose to use, there are specific requirements that you need to fulfill if you want to apply for the UK Investor Visa. DM-Consultants assists Investors in Qatar by providing professional advice about their choice of investment and how they can process their application. We will also help you to prepare the documents that will ensure a higher chance of success for your application. Some of the requirements for the UK visa include:

    1. You have to provide a proof of your financial worth to show that you can conveniently cater for yourself and any dependents attached to you.
    2. You must be willing to invest a minimum of $200,000 in any company or business within the UK
    3. Provide a reliable business plan to support your application
    4. Get a bank account opened in your name or your business name
    5. Be willing to invest three-quarter of your funds into stocks, government bonds or trading capital.

    Once you fulfill these requirements, you can proceed to apply for your Investor Visa. To be eligible for citizenship, you have to live in the UK for at least half of the total duration of your residency and also a minimum of six months per year.

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