Australia Study Visa in Qatar – The duration, cost and eligibility requirements of an Australian Student Visa application in Qatar

International students who want to pursue lower or higher degree studies in Australia can only achieve that by applying for an Australia study visa. Australia has one of the best educational systems in the world with various colleges, universities, and training centers for students who want to experience a high class of education. However, to enroll for any of these programs, which exceeds three months, then you’ll have to process an application for the Australian study visa in Qatar.

DM-Consultants Qatar provides quality Visa consultancy services to immigrants seeking to migrate to Australia for study purposes. We have MARA certified agents that will counsel you and guide you on the appropriate level programs to apply for, and besides, we have a partnership with over 450 higher institutions in Australia which will ensure you secure an offer of admission from your school of choice.

Duration of the Australia Student Visa.

Generally, the duration of each study visa depends on your period of study within Australia. However, there is a grace period for each visa to exit after the expiry of the permit. Moreover, studying in the country can make you automatically eligible for a 2years working visa after your study. All these will depend on your program and your choice to renew your permit after expiry if you want to further your studies.

In summary, a study period of 2 years will make you eligible for a two years student visa. Please note: it is crucial for you to get an offer of admission from a CRICOS approved institution.

What is the Cost for an Australian study visa application in Qatar?

The cost is a function of your country of application, but generally the study visa application fee in Qatar is about AUD 573.

What are the eligibility and requirements for an Australia Study permit?

There are various documents and forms that you need to provide to be eligible for the Australia visa processing. Some of these includes:

  • A letter of admission from a CRICOS approved institution
  • A letter of intent that will provide detailed information of your study in Australia, how you intend to fund your studies, and substantial reasons to prove that why you will leave the country at the end of your program. Check the Department of Immigration and border protection  for more information.
  • You have to provide an officially recognized English proficiency certificate. Students who are citizens of native English countries such as the US, UK, Canada or Ireland are exempted from this requirement.
  • A medical fitness test result.
  • A police certificate that clears you from any criminal related activities.
  • You also have to show an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Finally, you have to provide details of your finance that will cover your traveling, cost, and living expenses. Check the student visa financial capacity requirements for more information about this.

For further information and assistance regarding your Australia Study visa application and processing, kindly contact our MARA certified immigration consultants today.


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