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A Canada study Visa in Qatar enables foreign immigrants to pursue an educational program within a stipulated period in Canada.
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    Canada Study Visa – Costs, requirements, and how to successfully apply for a Canadian study permit in Qatar.

    A Canada study Visa in Qatar enables foreign immigrants to pursue an educational program within a stipulated period in Canada. The study visa is mostly referred to as a study permit and to be eligible to apply; you need to have an offer of admission from any Designated Learning institution in Canada.

    There are two stages to this application: the first is to apply for a provisional admission from your institution of choice. Second; process the study permit with the citizenship and immigration Canada, herein, you obtain a temporary resident visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA). Once the process is successful, you can proceed to get a part-time work permit if applicable.

    At DM-Consultant, we have a high rate of proficiency in several Canadian immigration programs  such as the application for a permanent residency in Canada or a visit visa in Canada. We aim to ensure that international students in Qatar gets hitch-free consultancy services to successfully secure admission in Canada and similarly, apply for their study visa.

    What is the duration of your Canadian Student Visa?

    The duration of your student visa is directly proportional to the length of your studies in Canada. In a situation where you are unable to complete your studies within the expiry of their visa, then you have the option to extend the visa.

    Generally, your student permit or visa expires after 90 days from the end of your study. However, you are automatically eligible to get a 2 – 3 years’ work visa after your studies. If there is a situation that demands you to travel outside Canada during the period of your program, you have to obtain permission and ensure that your visa is still valid.


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    What are the eligibility requirements for a Canadian study permit?

    The following requirements makes you eligible to apply for the Canadian student visa:

    1. A letter of provisional admission from a Designated Learning institution in Canada;
    2. A financial statement that shows your ability to cover your tuition cost and living expenses;
    3. A medical report of fitness
    4. Police clearance from your country of residence;
    5. You also need to prove to the immigration officer that you will exit Canada after the end of your program.

    The following set of individuals do not need to apply for a student visa to study in Canada:

    1. Individuals applying for a program that is less than 6months;
    2. Individuals who are relatives of Canadian foreign representatives;
    3. Refugees, child of a refugee, or Kindergarten kids;
    4. Individuals whose parents are permanent residents of Canada, have a work or study permit, and want to unite with them for a secondary or primary education.

    How to apply for a Canada Study Permit/Student Visa in Qatar?

    To apply for a Canada study visa in Qatar, you need to visit the CIC portal and get yourself familiar with the application process. Ensure you have the necessary documents before you proceed with the visa application. It is mostly online because the online application has a shorter processing time compared to the offline process.

    The cost of the Canadian study permit is $160, and you will have to provide some biometric information during the application process. The biometric data has to be sent to the appropriate agency on or before 30 days after receiving the information. Upon successful application, you will receive an introduction letter, this is not the visa itself, but the temporary visa or ETA is attached to the letter.

    The temporary visa or ETA is valid throughout the duration of your study.

    Please note: you can get a negative outcome even after receiving your admission letter if you do not comply with the requirements. Our Canadian immigration  consultants in Qatar is strictly committed to ensuring that your application gets the best representation at all times.

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