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    Australia PR Visa Process: Find out how you can calculate your points

    Australia is among the top immigrant-friendly countries in the world. The high standard of living, economic model, and quality job opportunities have made it a surging destination for the majority of immigrants.

    Australia PR happens to be one of the immigration programs through which you can migrate to the country if you have profound knowledge and can be able to meet the eligibility requirements.

    To be eligible to register your profile, you need to have at least 65 points from some or all of the considered factors.

    Here is how you can calculate your points under each category if you want to migrate to Australia from Qatar  through the permanent residency program:


    The maximum point for age is 30. You can only achieve 30 points if you’re between 25 – 32 years of age. The point declines as you go below or above that maximum age bracket.

    However, the maximum age limit for applying for the program is 45 years.

    Work Experience

    Work experience is divided into two categories here: the first being your experience within the country, while the second is professional working experience outside Australia.

    English Language Proficiency

    One of the vital criteria for this program is your ability to display an acceptable level of knowledge in the use of the English language. To achieve this, you need to take any of the recognized proficiency tests – they include IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

    To score the highest points (20), you simply need to get at least 8 in each of the test modules.


    If you had schooled within Australia prior to your application, then you can claim additional points for that. However, most immigrants often fall within the category of people who do not have any Australian educational certificates before their application.

    At such, you will need to have your degrees assessed by accredited bodies in Australia to ensure that it is up to the recognized standards.


    • if you have schooled before in Australia and your qualification(s) are recognized, then you get an additional 5 points aside from the one you claim in the table above.
    • If you have a certification for your occupation and it passes the skill assessment test, then you get an additional 10 points.
    • Also, if you schooled in any region within Australia, then that is an extra 5 points.

    What if I have a Spouse?

    Well, it depends on the qualification of your spouse. If your spouse is a skilled worker, then she or he can take a skill assessment test for that skill under the nominated occupation.

    If he or she receives a positive confirmation, then you, as the principal applicant, will get an extra 5 points to your profile. However, such a spouse must not be above 44 years at the time of applying.

    What are the Changes that will take effect from the 16th of November, 2019?

    • If you have a spouse that can prove a good knowledge of the English language, then you will get an extra 5 points from that. This has not been in effect before this date.
    • A single applicant is likely to claim an extra 10 points
    • Applicants with either a spouse or common-law partner with skilled work experience can get an extra 10 points
    • Some STEM qualifications will give applicants an additional 10 points
    • Applicants who have been nominated by a region in Australia or are being sponsored by a recognized relative in Australia will get an extra 15 points.

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