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Apply for US Visa in Qatar – Do not miss out on these important updates on the US visa application to avoid a set-back on your visa process!

Statistics, according to the US Department of state, shows that about 29.25% of the total visa applications in different categories were rejected in 2018. Perhaps, this is unconnected with the fact that the process of getting a US Visa is becoming tough with various policies and updates on different categories of the immigration program.

Aside from hiring the services of the best US Immigration Consultants in Qatar  to represent your application, you also need to do some essential background studies to ensure that you don’t miss out on the requirements, channels, and processes for your request.

Get These Latest updates on US Visa application from Qatar

If you are planning or have begun the process for your US Visa application from Qatar, here are some vital and latest updates you need to know:

– Apply for US Visa in Qatar: The inclusion of Social Media Handles in DS-160 form

The request for social media handle is no doubt, the trending news on the latest application requirement for any of the US visa in Qatar, and other countries of the world. On the 31st of May, the US Department of State made this crucial update to its Immigrants and non-immigrant visa application requirements.

The implication of this is that you have to be careful with the way you manage and divulge information on your social media accounts. Aside from the fact that it has become a significant requirement to apply for US visa in Qatar (form DS-160), sooner or later, several counties are likely to adopt this strategy. As an individual, your impact, mental state, psychological stability, and influence can be detected through what you post or share on your social media handles.

As a US Visa consultant, I had this experience some years back – I got contacted by my client who told me that she is becoming skeptical towards the level of my competency in handling her application. She based this assertion on the interpretation of what read from my Facebook page. Not to scare you, though, but you need to be careful, lest you stand the chance of your application being rejected based on your social identity.

Moreover, while filling the social Media handle in your DS-160 application form, you have to ensure that you supply an account that has been in existence for five years or more.

“Aside from the request for contact information, travel history, family member information, and previous address from applicants, the addition of social media handles will strengthen the process for analyzing each applicant and confirming their Identity.” – US Department of State.

– 7 countries have been restricted from applying for US Visa in Qatar

On June 26th, 2017, Trump, through the Department of State securities, made a proclamation regarding the issuance of visa to citizens of particular nationality based on the grounds of terrorism or threat to public safety. The restriction will have a negative impact on citizens of these countries who plan to apply for US visa in Qatar. The decision was because these countries had a shoddy or lopsided information sharing system; the decision was not welcomed by individuals who felt the president had no right to make such proclamation.

At the Supreme Court the decision was upheld. Although the ban was lifted off Chad, but Nationals from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen will have serious difficulty processing their visas. So, if you are a citizen of any of these countries and you’re probably thinking of applying for US visa in Qatar, then I’ll advise you give it a second thought.

The US Department of state, however, will not pose any restriction to individuals who already possess a valid US Visa before the enforcement of the presidential proclamation 9645. Therefore, if you previously had a valid visa prior to this development, then, you’re free to process your US visa application from Qatar.

– US Visa Application from Qatar: Update on the Visa Waiver Program

The US visa application from Qatar got a recent update for nationals or citizen of the 38 visa waiver countries. Although if you are a national of these countries, you do not need to bother on how to apply for US Visa in Qatar because the program permits you to visit the US for 90 days without a visa.

Aside from the request for an electronic passport which started in 2016, the program has received a new update on its requirements. The recent update to the Visa waiver program  is that applicants who have a travel history in Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Libya, or Yemen as at March 2011 till date, is no longer eligible for the Visa Waiver Program. Secondly, Nationals of Visa waiver countries who also hold double citizenship with Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria is also not eligible anymore.

Therefore, if you plan to apply for US Visa in Qatar under the Visa waiver program, and you fall under any of these categories, I’ll advise you try other options for your travel as such application is likely not to see the light of progress.

– Interview requirements for Visa Renewals in most countries

The final update you need to get yourself acquainted with is the recent changes regarding the renewal of US Visa. The removal of drop box in each country now means that candidates who previously hold a US Visa will no longer renew online. Instead, they would have to take a physical interview at their embassy before they can renew their Visa.

Although, this is relative, as some countries’ embassy still engage in online renewal. For example, Trinidad and Tobago.

Finally, you need to understand that no matter how stringent the US visa application appears to look, lots of successes are recorded globally based on how well such applicant or agency understands the process.

Do not miss this great opportunity to get help or guidance on how to apply for US visa in Qatar, kindly contact us through any of the social media handles or click this link  to have a free counseling session with any of our US immigration consultants.

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